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Welcome to my noid’s website




My name is Larry Chinnery.   “Noid” is an endearing name many of us began using years ago when we were diagnosed with carcinoid cancer.


When I began developing the site, I had three main goals in mind ...



My first goal with this Website was to provide direction to those searching for useful information about carcinoid cancer and carcinoid syndrome.



Hopefully by using this site as you would a compass, you will be able discover a great deal about this very weird and somewhat rare form of cancer.




My second goal was to have a little fun. You should remember, life does not begin or end with cancer - unless you choose let it do so. My carcinoid cancer (the noid) had been living with me for over three decades, and I have made it very unpleasant for the little brat during most of that time.






My third goal was to keep my family and friends up-to-date with my progress and on my prognosis.  My few enemies (such as M.B.) need not bother looking at this site. The fact that I lived as long is all they need to upset their days.





So dear visitor, if you have the courage to do so, please feel free to browse around this site. A word of caution, this site is intended for informational purposes only. We are not doctors or medical professionals, and any information contained within is not meant to replace medical advice. Please speak to a medical professional with any concerns you might have.



Thanks for visiting and hope I made the days better for the both of us.



This site is presently being updated and maintained by Goofie-Newfie Len Tobin. I'd like to thank Linda Silversmith, Larry's spouse for the opportunity to give back to the Carcinoid community. It was Oct 2004 I was diagnosed with Carcinoid cancer and learned much from this site, and the ACOR group List Server.

If you have comments or questions, suggested additions, or simply need more information and want to contact, me go to the

"Contact Me” Page at my Website www.goofie-newfie.com








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By Len Tobin the Goofie-Newfie.

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