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Notes on the Use of Hospice



In spite of my own experience with another local hospice, I personally still believe in the hospice concept.

Having said that ...




If you reach the stage in your life, or the life of your loved one, that hospice is needed, remember to allow time for the hospice to process this need through your insurance company.



Exactly one year to the day that Betsy and I finished writing our hospice guide, Betsy lost her battle with her own (not carcinoid) cancer.  Although Betsy was an ideal candidate for hospice care, two different hospice organizations “piddled around” for three weeks with insurance  and other papers instead of caring for her.  This in spite of the fact that I offered to write a check for $10,000 to one of them (Holy Cross Hospice in Montgomery County Maryland) to “get things rolling”.



These two hospice organizations also wasted many days of precious time - time that Betsy and I could have used together - interviewing the two of us over and over with the arrival of scads of different people to out home. They added immeasurable stress to my carcinod life and I experienced several carcinoid crises’ during this period.


I ended up hiring private duty nurses (at my own cost) to care for Betsy in the hospice manner her last week of life which was spent in Sibley memorial Hospital in Washington DC.



Unfortunately, I find that I am extremely embittered by the experience with Holy Cross Hospice. No one should ever have to go through that sort of experience with any organization, much less a hospice.


From our experience with it, Holy Cross Hospice proved to be the antithesis of what a hospice should be!  It even had the gall to send me a large bill and to dun me for their “disservice” and they continued to do so for years until I threatened to sue them for their mistreatment.


As a result of all of this, I also awarded Holy Cross Hospice with my first ever

”Failure to Care award” (also known as the “Don’t give a damn award”).




Once again, I still believe in the hospice movement, but not in the bureaucracies set up be some of the hospice organizations. These bureaucratic organizations appear to see hospice only as an opportunity to make money.  So please reader be forewarned.

Anticipate the need for hospice care well in advance of your need.






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