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 Bone Metastesis




I learned of the spread of my carcinoid tumors to my bones in September of 2002 while at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.   By the early spring of 2003, the bone mets had spread throughout my trunk - including both femurs and hips, the entire spine, both shoulders, and my ribs.






Over time, the “bone” pain gradually became intolerable and we had to find an answer for the pain as the various narcotics I was using were not helping much with my pain; but certainly were making me groggy and “binding me up”.   My new wife, Linda Silversmith, found a protocol that offered promise which we ended up following in a slightly modified form (select “Linda’s Thoughts ...”.

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Facing the Challenge - Spreading to the Bone” is the title of a very good article (written by Melissa Knopper) and appearing in Cure Magazine’s Winter Issue 2003 [see back issues on this website].  The article includes sections on “Signs and Symptoms”, “Diagnosis”, “Treatment With Bisphosphonates”, “Radioisotope-Based Treatments”, and “New Drugs”.  Anyone interested in this subject should obtain a copy of this article.



On July 10, 2003, I underwent an infusion of Quadramet® (samarium-153), which was followed up by two infusions of Cisplatin. I received total pain relief from the bone metastases within 8-12 hours of the first infusion. When the pain began to return about two months later, I was completely able to control the pain with one or two Vioxx daily. This continued until the pain again took hold.


So ... I had a second samarium-153 infusion on February 5, 2004 -  this time without the Cisplatin. Again the pain was abated in about 27 hours. I have remained mostly pain free (from the bone mets) until well into the year 2005..



Also, in early in February and March, 2005, I learned that the bone metasteses had begun in my skull.





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