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Medical Records





Medical Records are very important when you go to seek medical treatment - in particular emergency treatment. As a minimum, most people, and particularly noids, should carry at least a small (3” x 5”) card with certain medical records contained thereon.



For information about and to see an example of such a card, select the following picture with your mouse ...









In order for medical personnel to have access to all of my vital medical records, I have worn a Medic-alert pendant on a chain around my neck for many years. Click the picture below for details ...



Click for access to the
MedicAlert website ...




Recently I decided (additionally) to record my medical records (of my own choosing) onto a USB drive device which I also carry on the chain around my neck (see sample pictures and websites below - remember, they are just sample products).






Click for access to website ...



These USB devices (there are many different brands) are available in anywhere from 32 megabytes to 4 gigabytes of memory, so it is possible to store a great deal of information on them.

On mine I have included the following minimal information (in different formats - WORD, PDF, etc. to make them accessible to most anyone) ...


- A copy of all my current medications (including infused, oral, etc.).


- Copies of my blood work and scanning reports (MRIs, CT-scans, octreoscans, X-rays, etc.).


- A copy of my “Five Wishes” as proposed by the “Aging With Dignity” organization.


Click on picture to learn about the Five Wishes document...

Click on the picture to see an example (in pdf format) of the Five Wishes document ...




- A copy of the “Annals of Oncology - Consensus Report on the Use of Somatostatin Analog for the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Gastroenteropancreatic System”.


- A copy of my list of current medications.


- A copy of the contents of My Noid Story.


Click on picture to see My Noid Story




It should be noted that, for those that would prefer to purchase “ready-made” devices ...






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